Hunters with Mission was founded by Dustin Bayless. In the late eighties his Grandmother, Civilla Ball was on a mission trip in SE India where she was introduced to Metropolitan Mission and its founder Ebenezer Bandaru. Years after the mission trip, Civilla kept contact with Ebenezer and supported Metropolitan Mission. Eventually, Ebenezer came to the US to tell several churches of the opportunity and the work being done in SE India. One of these churches was Lone Cherry Church, the church Dustin grew up in. His whole life he saw updates of the souls being won and the work being done. As a young boy his parents, Dennis and Debbie were called to a one month mission trip to SE India where they saw firsthand both the work being done by Metropolitan Mission and the extreme needs of the ministry. In high school, Dustin’s youth pastor, Jeff Wyrick went to Vijayawada as well where he too saw the work being done and the needs that remained.

Metropolitan Mission operates on the slimmest of margins, in order to stretch every dollar given to them, as far as it can be stretched for the Kingdom of God. Their orphanage workers, school teachers, and pastors live on poverty rations, living in tin and grass shanties. To bring as many children as possible into the love and safety that the orphanage can offer, orphans are just fed rice and milk 6 days a week. Only receiving meat protein on Sundays. Ebenezer, the founder of Metropolitan Mission has even been known to sleep outside on the ground on hot nights because it was too hot inside a he believed an air conditioner for himself was a poor use of funds trusted to him.

Seeing the needs at Metropolitan Mission, and seeing how effective every dollar is used to spread the Gospel, Dustin wanted to help. God gave Dustin the idea to use his love of the outdoors and newfound love of waterfowl hunting to expand the kingdom of God in SE India. In 2015 the first-ever Hunters with Mission Banquet was held in the basement of a small church in Manhattan KS. It was a small turnout of twenty people or less, raising just a few hundred dollars. For the next couple of years, the banquet was hosted at Lone Cherry Church in Havana KS, still just raising a few hundred dollars. David, Dustin’s brother began to help put on the banquet, along with their parents. Then their friend Kris Alexander became very involved in orchestrating the annual banquet. Now many friends, family members, and church family members assist in hosting the HM banquet every year. HM eventually outgrew its venue at Lone Cherry Church and now holds the event at Independence Nazarene Church. In each of the last couple of years, HM has hosted over 300 attendees, and around 70 competitors spanning from Kansas to Oklahoma, to Idaho, to Louisiana, to the Carolinas. In both 2022 and 2023 HM has raised around $30,000, sending every penny to Metropolitan Mission. HM’s fundraising is now a significant portion of Metropolitan Mission’s annual budget.

Our banquets are made possible by the extreme generosity of our sponsors. Businesses and individuals in our community, and even beyond our community have fully donated every raffle prize that we raffle off. Allowing HM to give 100% of these raffle proceeds to Metropolitan Mission. HM banquets welcome all people to get involved. Your entry and your meal are free when you attend, and raffle tickets are normally $5. Entry fees to compete in the waterfowl derby are only $10. Hunters with Mission truly hope to see you this winter!


Dustin Bayless

Dustin, Terra Bayless and family

Dustin Bayless and his wife Terra live in Havana, KS with their three children. Dustin founded Hunters With Mission in 2015. The first banquet was in the basement of a small church in Manhattan, KS, while he was attending college. Dustin and his family attend the Lone Cherry Church in Havana, KS. When Dustin is not working or with the family, he is chasing whitetail deer and duck hunting.

David Bayless

David, Amanda Bayless and family

David Bayless and his wife Amanda live in Havana, KS with their four children. David started helping his brother Dustin with Hunters With Mission in 2017. David had earlier co-organized coyote hunts in Southeast Kansas to raise funds for local Christian organizations. David and his family attend the Lone Cherry Church in Havana, KS. When David is not working or with family, he is hunting whitetail deer and duck hunting on the family farm.

Dennis Bayless

Dennis and Debbie Bayless

Dennis Bayless and his wife Debbie live and farm in Havana, KS. They have 7 children, 17 grandchildren, and more on the way. In 2000, Dennis and Debbie spent 5 weeks in India helping at the Metropolitan Misson Orphanage. Currently, Dennis is an elder and worship leader at Lone Cherry Church in Havana, KS.

Kris Alexander

Kris, Karrie Alexander and family

Kris Alexander and his wife Karrie live in Independence, KS with their three children. Kris and his family attend the First Church of the Nazarene in Independence, KS. In 2019, David Bayless invited Kris to his first Hunters With Mission banquet. After attending, Kris felt lead to join Hunters With Mission and began volunteering in preparation for the 2020 banquet and has been helping ever since. When Kris isn’t spending time with family, you can find him fishing with his son, or hunting deer, turkey, or waterfowl.

“Religion that is pure and undefiled before God the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.”

James 1:27